An Eye on the Workplace: Achieving a Career With a Bachelor's in Psychology

Let Psi Chi’s latest digital anthology guide your transition from college to career! Eighteen psychology career experts contributed to this eBook, which includes 30 articles of our best advice published in Eye on Psi Chi magazine. Psi Chi members can purchase the eBook for $4.95 with a member login.
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Yes, jobs do exist for students entering the workforce with only a bachelor’s in psychology! In 31 chapters, this eBook will help you create a results-driven plan to pursue and achieve a meaningful career that is right for you. Five sections of the book include:

  1. Demystifying the College-to-Workplace Transition
  2. Preparing for the Workforce During College
  3. The Skills and Experiences Employers Seek
  4. Resumes and Letters of Reference
  5. Acing Interviews

A sixth section on “Special Topics” has specific advice returning adult students, students working while in college, and students considering a double major. And last but not least, a special bonus chapter lets you preview Psi Chi’s forthcoming eBook, Can Psychology Majors Prepare for a Career in Business? by Dr. Drew C. Appleby.

See the full Table of Contents HERE.

Many chapters have been updated by the authors to include the latest application trends and information. The price is $4.99 for members (member id required) and $19.95 for nonmembers.

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