Preparing Psychology Majors for Business-Related Careers

Are you one of the 56 percent of psychology students who does not wish to pursue a graduate degree? If so, one of the most common paths for you is a career in business. This eight-chapter crash course by Dr. Drew C. Appleby will help you develop realistic strategies to transform your career plans from wishful notions into goal-attaining behaviors. $4.95 with a member login.
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Two thirds of professionals whose highest education is a bachelor’s degree in psychology will work in areas of business such as sales, employee relations, and management. And yet, this news may surprise you because few psychology departments specifically train majors to leverage their psychology skills for success in a business environment.

Enter Dr. Drew C. Appleby. For the past 50 years, Dr. Appleby has written hundreds of career articles, taught a careers course, and developed comprehensive resources outlining the numerous career paths a psychology major may take after graduation. In this ebook, he will teach you about

  • specific business careers that you can obtain with a bachelor’s degree in psychology,
  • strategies to increase your ability to enter a career, and
  • how to promote your skills so that a potential employer will conclude that you are a better match than any other job applicant.

If you are unclear on when or how to launch your career search, this ebook is a perfect place to start. Owners of this publication will also receive a special bonus chapter from Psi Chi’s other careers ebook, An Eye on the Workplace: Achieving a Career With a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

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